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Conference Dates: Wednesday March 13 - Sunday March 17, 2013


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  • Equality:

    We are committed to taking a stand for social equality for all transgender individuals.

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  • Advocacy:

    We are committed to leadership, activism and social change for all transgender individuals.

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  • Empowerment:

    We are committed to a social environment that strengthens and aids all transgender individuals.

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Black Transgender International Ball & Pageantry System

"The Standard of Excellence in Transgender Ball & Pageantry"


Black Transgender International Black Diamond Ball
The "Face OFF" 2013

Welcome to the Black Transgender International Black Diamond Ball. The Black Transmen, Inc (BTIBP) Black Transgender International Ball & Pageant system is very proud to present our 1st International Black Diamond Ball. Our event is featured this year at the 2nd Annual Black Transmen, Inc Transgender Advocacy Conference held March 13 -17, 2013 at the Double Tree Hotel by Hilton in Dallas, Texas. Transmen and women from around the world will meet up in the beautiful Dallas Texas to compete in the only black transgender focused competition of its kind. This elite competition features a "Face OFF" in all transgender categories boasting the selection of Mr Face of Black Transmen & Ms Face of Black Transwomen category acknowledgments. This is the "Top of The Class" in transgender ball and pageant systems and includes alliance categories for SLGBTQHI participants. Transmen and women participants, models, performers and entertainers provide a showcase of the finest in the transgender community. Another highlight to this competition is that all proceeds directly benefit the transgender community! This fund-raising opportunity is focused on transgender awareness, and benefits transgender men and women in education, income and health. Black Transmen, Inc is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization. All donations are 100% tax deductible.



    Black Transgender International Black Diamond Ball Competition Summary:

Purpose. The Black Diamond Ball is an elite social event designed to affirm self identity, trans identity and African American identity.


Ball Contestants. Black Diamond Ball contestants are primarily transmen, transwomen and include members of the SLGBTQHI community.


Ball Categories. BTIBP Ball categories are transgender focused and includes alliance categories for SLGBTQHI participants. Our featured categories are, Mr Face of Black Transmen & Ms Face of Black Transwomen. This is a friendly competition with emphasis on great sportsmanship.


Prizes. All contestants are winners and will receive an BTIBP thank you. Other sponsored awards, trophies and cash prizes awarded as available.


Media. Black Ball contestants are featured in all BTIBP media opportunities in print, online and video.


Sponsorship. Invest in the transgender community. Sponsorship in general donations or in advertising space online, in print or on video is available. All personal and business sponsorship donations assist in the payment of the Black Diamond Ball event. 



    Black Transgender International Black Diamond Ball - The Face OFF!  
    2013 Black Diamond Ball Contacts(s): Mykell Price & Treach Wilson may be reached at:


Mr Face of Black Transmen: This peoples choice title is an open competition for transmen who identify under the transgender umbrellas as female to male. He is a Perfect 10! This is the ultimate competition of look, style and presentation for transmen. 


Ms Face of Black Transwomen: This peoples choice title is an open competition for transwomen who identify under the transgender umbrellas as female to male. She is a Perfect 10! This is the ultimate competition of look, style and presentation for transwomen. 


MF vs FF Executive Realness: Casual Friday's... Show us you can dress down with style and make million dollar deals, too!


School Boy/Girl Realness: College prep vs public school; show us that, a mind is a TERRIBLE thing to waste! What's your favorite subject? (props encouraged)


Transman Realness Jr. (pre-op and pre T): Show us that you can travel to a different country, and blend with society. Bring it in a style, that is prominent to the country of your choice. Don't forget to bring their flag! (Do your research)


OTA Face Over 40 vs Under 40: Bring it and serve it!


Transman Body: You just left the gym, show us that progress! Don't forget your gym attire. (Includes, pre-op/non-op/post-op)


Transman Realness: Tonight, you look like you've stepped, right out of a magazine! Find an ad from a magazine of your choice, bring it life. (Don't forget to bring that ad)


OTA Sneaker vs Sneaker: Let us see, the hottest sneaker, you own! We're not talking shoes that we see on a daily basis, we're talking, head turners...


OTA Best Dressed: You are there, dressede to impress! Tonight, you're looking sharp, and ready for a night out on the town.


Transman Realness Virgin: You've never walked a ball before, and tonight, you'd like to join the fun! Bring it, just as you are. (Do your research)


Transman Up In Pumps: Tonight, you want to show the world that, your whoredrobe does not have to only consist of flat shoes. You can work a pump, as good as anyone else can!


OTA Performance: Show us your skills! Show us your best, old/new way, dramatics, hand performance or whatever you've got. Bring it to our runway...


OTA Volunteer Realness: You're commited to serving the community. You want to assist BTMI in one of their areas of advocacy, but you want to incorporate your passion. Choose a cause that you'd like to advocate for, that's dear to your heart. Bring that cause to life with facts on a poster board, and express why this cause is important to you.


OTA Blue collar worker: Everyone doesn't work in an office setting, dressed in suits or skirts. Show us your 9-5 attire. Show us what you look like when you're in "work mode." Once you've hit the our runway, you've punched the time clock. *Note: MF= Male figure, FF= Female figure, OTA= Open to all (everyone)