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Conference Dates: Wednesday March 13 - Sunday March 17, 2013


Our Commitment

  • Equality:

    We are committed to taking a stand for social equality for all transgender individuals.

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  • Advocacy:

    We are committed to leadership, activism and social change for all transgender individuals.

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  • Empowerment:

    We are committed to a social environment that strengthens and aids all transgender individuals.

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3530 Forest Lane #290,
Dallas, Texas 75234

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Thank you for your interest in Black Transmen, Inc. Please leave a message, we are happy to help. If you require immediate assistance call us directly at 1+855 BLK-TMEN. Namaste.

Our Team

  • Carter Brown, Black Transmen Inc CEO/Founder
  • Treach Wilson, Black Transmen Inc Texas
  • Vann Millhouse, Black Transmen Inc Maryland/DC
  • Mykell Price, Black Transmen Inc Michigan
  • Charley Burton, Black Transmen Inc Virginia

  •  Mekhi Johnson, Black Transmen Inc Pennsylvania
  • Justice Williams, Black Transmen Inc Youth
  • Diwa Cain, Black Transmen Inc Washington
  • Kendall Brown, Black Transmen Inc Atlanta

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Black Transmen, Inc Corporate & Local Offices

The Black Transmen, Inc corporate headquarters is located in North Dallas, Texas. The corporate headquarters is home to the local and national transgender community with additional contact offices in Maryland/DC, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas,  Washington, North Carolina and Virginia.


3530 Forest Lane #290
Dallas, Texas 75234

  • (855) BLK-TMEN
  • (+1) 855-8636

State Chapters

  • BTMI Maryland/DC - Vann Millhouse
  • BTMI Michigan - Mykell Price
  • BTMI Pennsylvania - Mekhi Johnson
  • BTMI Texas - Treach Wilson
  • BTMI Virginia - Charley Burton
  • BTMI Washington - Diwa Cain

Invest In Transgender Students

Join in the investment of the future of transgender students.  The Transgender Student Leadership Scholarship assist transgender undergraduate and graduate students to further his or her education and to inspire the next generation of leaders. Donate with us in any amount. Together we can accomplish all things. Read more