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Conference Dates: Thursday March 13 - Sunday March 17, 2013


Our Commitment

  • Equality:

    We are committed to taking a stand for social equality for all transgender individuals.

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  • Advocacy:

    We are committed to leadership, activism and social change for all transgender individuals.

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  • Empowerment:

    We are committed to a social environment that strengthens and aids all transgender individuals.

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3530 Forest Lane #290,
Dallas, Texas 75234

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I AM my brothers keeper. Join the Black Transmen, Inc family on our mission of advocacy, equality and empowerment. Your membership means more than simply signing a piece of paper. Becoming a member of Black Transmen, Inc expresses your commitment to the spirit of our empowerment family.  Empower someone today.  "Become the change you want to see in the world!"

Avoid standing in long lines! Your BTMI Membership id will be ready for you to pick up at our VIP Conference Registration and may be immediately used as your ticket to VIP access and seating at all conference events. Please remember to RSVP. Registration is free and required for all to attend the conference. * If you prefer to have other shipping arrangements please send us a paypal note indicating your preference.


Black Transmen, Inc Membership
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$25 Includes optional  member id photo.
Ease & Security: 
Present your BTMI card at events for quick and easy identification.
BTMI Membership is open to all.
Join in our movement! Show your pride and support with BTMI merchandising.
Enjoy discounts at BTMI online store, events and with participating vendors.

All donations are used 100% to support Black Transmen Advocacy Initiatives.



Black Transmen, Incorporated Annual Transgender Advocacy Conference


"Love Yourself and all of who you are. You have to love the person you are before you can love the person you are trying to become." - Ananda Davis

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