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Conference Dates: Wednesday March 13 - Sunday March 17, 2013


Our Commitment

  • Equality:

    We are committed to taking a stand for social equality for all transgender individuals.

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  • Advocacy:

    We are committed to leadership, activism and social change for all transgender individuals.

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  • Empowerment:

    We are committed to a social environment that strengthens and aids all transgender individuals.

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2013 Black Transwomen Keynote Speaker

Black Transmen Inc is very proud to present at our 2013 2nd Annual Black Transmen, Inc Transgender Advocacy Conference, Our 1st Black Transwomen Keynote Speaker, the Iconic Ms Monica Roberts. 
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Monica Roberts - Trans Griot

Monica Roberts, aka the TransGriot, is a native Houstonian and a trailblazing award winning trans community leader.

She has lobbied since 1998 for trans human rights protections at the federal, state and local levels in Kentucky and Texas. In 2006 she became the third African-American trans person and the first African-American Texan to be given the IFGE Trinity Award, the transgender community’s highest meritorious service award.

Monica was a founding member of NTAC, the National Transgender Advocacy Coalition and served on its inaugural board as its Political Director from 1999-2002, served on the boards of Louisville, KY’s Fairness Campaign and C-FAIR, helped organize the 2005 and 2006 Transsistahs-Transbrothas Conferences that took place in Louisville and participated in the first ever trans themed panel discussions at Netroots Nation and OUT on the Hill in 2012.


In addition to participating in a long list of panel discussions, town halls and speaking engagements to various colleges, groups and conferences over the years in January 2006 she founded the award winning blog TransGriot.

Her writing about transgender issues from an Afrocentric perspective has appeared at, Transadvocate, The Huffington Post, Racialicious, Feministe, Global Comment, The Bilerico Project, What Tami Said and Womanist Musings.


Black Transmen, Incorporated Annual Transgender Advocacy Conference


"Love Yourself and all of who you are. You have to love the person you are before you can love the person you are trying to become." - Ananda Davis

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